The SmartCopter project has gone through a long period of development, with investments in accordance.

The goal of this initial phase was to finance the project without diluting shares.

Investors willing to take part in the second phase of the development will find in this project an interesting financial investment: quick return on investment possibilities, combined with an uncommon rate of return in comparison to similar projects.

Description of financial requirements

  • Financing of the remaining prototype stage opened to investors.
  • Self-financed manufacturing stage.
  • Recouping of initial investment.

Investment out

  • Industrial transfer.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO), to be defined.
  • Buy back of shares by the initiators of the project (appropriate terms and methods will be applied).

An Executive Summary is available to serious investors, potentially interested in joining the industrial development of the SmartCopter helicopter.

For obvious confidentiality reasons, the following form must be filled in and returned to us, either in its: