SmartCopter has developed a two-seater helicopter powered by a turbine engine equipped with the FADEC (Fully Automated Digital Engine Control) automatic management system, designed to simplify its utilization.
The pilot has an electronic flight assistance system at his disposal designed to optimally summarize man-machine information.

The SmartCopter helicopter development complies exactly with the FAR & JAR part-27 international aeronautical norms.
The manufacture of key elements of the turbine engine is done through subcontracting to companies specialized in each specific area.
A renowned school of design is in charge of the design of the cockpit. Functionality is the focus without neglecting esthetics and ergonomics.

The following security aspects of the SmartCopter helicopter are particularly developed:

  • Controlled structural deformation
  • Use of high-performance materials
  • Electronic flight management system
  • Three-blade rotor
  • FADEC assisted turbine engine

Using CAD-CAM (Computer Assisted Design - Computed Assisted Manufacturing) technologies for the development of the helicopter provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced development time
  • Simulation of global constraints
  • Reduced costs for prototyping
  • Rapid industrialization

The use of high tech CNC machines brings a flawless quality, essential in the aeronautical field. SmartCopter has chosen these machines for the following benefits:

  • Controlled production rate
  • High repetitive accuracy
  • Optimized quality controls
  • Controlled manufacture costs

The dynamic performance of the SmartCopter helicopter is promoted through:

  • The use of composite material that have an optimal rigidity/mass ratio
  • The careful study of aerodynamics
  • An efficient rotor assembly
  • Motorization developed and adapted in-house by SmartCopter